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  How to establish a subsidiary company?

1. Determination of subsidiary companies information
  to be established
2. Examination at the Legal Affairs Bureau of similar
  corporate names
3. Preparation of seals and acquisition of seals
  registration certificates
4. Preparation of articles of incorporation
5. Acquisition of registration certificates, etc. for parent
  company, and preparation of affidavits regarding
  profile of parent
6. Notarization of articles of incorporation by Japanese
  notary public
7. Remittance of capital to special bank account
8. Examination by directors and auditors of legality of
  representative directors and auditors
9. Examination by directors and auditors of legality of
  establishment procedures
10. Application to the Legal Affairs Bureau for
  registration of joint-stock establishment (corporation
  establishment date); registration of company seal
  with the Legal Affairs Bureau
11. Acquisition of certificate on registered information
  and company seal registration certificate
12. Notification to government office including revenue
  office and labor standards inspection, etc
13. Opening of bank account under company name
14. Notification of stock acquisition to the Bank of Japan

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